What is Google Kids Space?

(1) Kids Space showcases a range of premium content such as recommended apps, games, books and videos.

(2) From the parent's mobile phone, you can manage the content viewed by the child and set the upper limit of the usage time. For more function introductions, you can watch the YouTuber P60 live video [Record!

I cannot charge the battery.

Because different chargers have different voltage parameters. We recommend using the original charger to ensure adaptability.

How to set up Japanese.

① Click the gear icon of "Settings".

② Swipe down and select [System] [Language] [Language Input Method] [Add Language] [Japanese].

(3) Press and hold the "=" to the right of "Japanese (Japan)" and swipe up. After a few seconds, the system language will automatically switch to Japanese.

My GPS signal is weak when I'm not connected to Wi-Fi.

Because this tablet is a WiFi model. Therefore, WiFi must be turned on for better GPS positioning.

If you use your tablet to navigate on the go, you can connect it to your phone's hotspot to pinpoint your exact location.

How to connect a bluetooth headset

①Bluetooth headset is already connected to other devices. Disconnect other devices before connecting.

②The connection methods of different types of Bluetooth devices are slightly different. You need to make sure your bluetooth device is "waiting for connection". (Some Bluetooth devices require a long press of the "pairing button" to display.)