With incredible detail and vivid colours, the 10.1‑inch Retina display is perfect for watching movies, working on a project or drawing your next masterpiece.

Which focus on android tablets

Plimpton is an emerging consumer electronics brand, which focus on android tablets, and more.
With the help of professional technical support, we are committed to becoming a trusted brand for consumers.
Our team of highly motivated individuals work to provide quality products and services to our growing customers around the world.

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Happy Customers


Cospa is good

At this price, the specs are high, the liquid crystal is bright and the viewing angle is wide and easy to see, and the cost performance is very good.
Knowing that it would be unwise to expect perfection in everything at this price, there were some caveats.


Good image quality!

The image quality is much better than the previous tablet, and the performance is also improved. I was happy with the battery, although it lasted a little longer.


Satisfied with this spec at this price

It arrived soon. I thought it was cool the moment I opened the box and got the product. It's dark silver and a little angular and stylish. It works smoothly and is comfortable. It also comes with a one-year warranty, so you can use it with confidence. The SD card is also read properly and there is no problem so far.

Haoshen Z

Compared to p50

I used the previous model p50, but compared to it, the operation is smooth and the screen is bright.
You can see it even in the darkest screen, so it seems to save battery.
The memory capacity is 128G, so there is plenty of room.

Mike B

Great, easy to use tablet!

Don’t be fooled by the non-brand name! This a let charges quickly, has great battery life, HD screen quality, is easy to navigate, and has great touch screen capabilities. The tablet arrived quickly and was easy to set up and use from the start. I love the picture and sound quality and how fast it is. Great storage capability and holds a charge all day. Definitely would buy again and recommend to others!


Eye Health Feature

With built-in large capacity 7000mAh battery, Plimpton android tablet supports me for a long-term use up to 8-10 hours of watching movies and reading.
Most of all, I love Eye Health Feature that automatically adjusts and optimizes the backlight to avoid eye fatigue.

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